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Training Your AI Solution the Smart Way

Using the systems and tools you already have in place

Think about the steps you go through when onboarding to a new company — you need an email account, a user name, a password, access to the software you need to do your job, and at least one other person to train and support you. Typical process, but these things are necessary for success. Would it surprise you to learn that an AI can work the same way?

Let’s walk through what it looks like to onboard Shai, our AI solution and digital teammate. Shai gets a user name and password (created by your administrator), gets her own email within your organization, and is granted access to the software she needs to complete her tasks. This doesn’t sound too different from a human employee, right?

One of the best things about Shai is that there’s no additional software you need to install or implement. Do you use Microsoft Outlook as your email client? No problem, Shai just gets her own email. Need her to process and organize thousands of forms? That’s what her user name and password are for. You decide the level of access she has, what she can and can’t do.

Shai follows the same processes and systems you’re already using for human employees. There’s no need for new software, hardware, or API connections.

You wouldn’t grant all of your employees unlimited access and authority to see and do everything in your organization. It’s the exact same with Shai. The difference between Shai and a human employee ultimately comes down to the difference between a person and a machine. Shai will complete the same task with full accuracy, all day every day. The reverse is also true —she wouldn’t, and couldn’t, accidently access any other system or tool in your environment. That’s the beauty of having a digital employee she stays within the perimeters that you set, doing only the job(s) that you direct her to.  This frees up your human workforce to focus on the more complex mission at hand.

I’m sure you can think of a few places you’d like to institute an AI to automate those high volume, repetitive processes so you can let your human employees focus on more strategic initiatives. You know what Shai does not do? Come up with creative ideas. Brainstorm on new business opportunities. Decide how to create an incredible company culture. That’s what humans are for; Shai just frees them up so they can do what they’re best at.

Now let’s talk about when you want Shai to take on some new tasks (because you’ll quickly see the benefit of offloading those administrative tasks). Just follow the same processes you have in place when you train your human employees on new responsibilities. Shai gets trained on a new task by understanding the workflow, what constitutes success, and what actions need to take place. You still control her level of access and authority.

While Shai is an advanced AI solution, the timeline to get her onboard is relatively short. A lot of technical implementations can take months, maybe even years—Shai can be up and running in weeks. That’s because Shai works best by starting on simple administrative tasks that have clear rules set up. For example, you can have Shai take care of maintaining your active directory of company employees and contractors.

You’ll see the immediate benefit by having Shai automate these tasks—pinpoint accuracy, round-the-clock results and a significant freeing of human capital. But this is also a great way to introduce your company to using an AI solution. Additionally, as a point of pride, you can tout how you’re leveraging an American-made advanced technology to your customers or investors.

When you want to add to her responsibilities, just follow the same simple process that I mentioned earlier. You have all these systems and tools in place for a reason; Shai can help you get the most out of them.

Blog Author

By Brad Mascho
Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer, NCI